venerdì 23 marzo 2012

Is there really a "gay brain"? (I)

- biological and neurological factors in homosexuality -

by Alberto Carrara

The journalist Ann Landers, years ago, assured that: "one is born gay" and millions of people have believed and continue to have faith in it.

We then ask ourselves: can science provide empirical data to prove this statement?

In short: are you born gay or are you become gay?

As objectively as possible, this article wants to compare results from the data that the neuroscience and genetics provide on this issue. I will focus mainly on the question: "are you born gay?"

Before considering whether homosexuality is a condition caused by biological factors, i.e., if a situation is compatible with what is commonly called the "normal" in the same human nature, we have to make some distinctions and clarifications.
We must point out that there is a difference between a tendency and causality: if your parents are obese, you will more likely be so but you are still free to choose a healthier lifestyle.

All the scientific studies on biological and neurological factors for homosexuality involved people who not only have a tendency but practice homosexual acts.

article will consider whether active homosexuality is something "normal and natural" corresponding to specific genetic and neurological factors. The empirical data will be presented and analyzed to see if human sexuality is predetermined in the area of ​​neuroscience.

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