martedì 7 aprile 2015

Consciousness and the Extended Mind

TODAY, Tuesday 7 April 2015. It’s one of the biggest questions of our existence. What is consciousness? Millennia after Aristotle and Hippocrates wrestled with the concept of the mind and self-awareness, neuroscientists, roboticists and psychologists are starting to pin down answers. Join a panel of experts for an evening of lively debate on what we know about the workings of our brains and how our minds extend into our bodies and the world around us – through walking sticks, prostheses, body swaps and machine melds. Philosopher Andy Clark from the University of Edinburgh will be your guide. Artificial intelligence pioneer Margaret Boden of the University of Sussex and neuroscientists Patrick Haggard and Micah Allen from University College London will join him to discuss what we can learn about ourselves from creating artificial consciousness and whether revealing the brain’s inner workings will solve the hard problem of consciousness – how a kilogram or so of nerve cells conjures up the seamless kaleidoscope of sensations, thoughts and emotions that occupy our every waking moment.

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