mercoledì 25 maggio 2016

2045 Avatar Technology Digest. Video 28

The weekly Avatar technology digest report (25th April) informs on the topics of neuroscience, cybermedicine, nano and biotechnologies, robotics and artificial intelligence. Here are the 6 main points... 
1) Last week a team of psychologists and engineers from Binghampton University at New York has created a working biometric identification system that could identify an individual person based on pattern recognition of their brainwaves. The pattern is recorded while brains of individuals responding to a series of images and this technique is 100 percent accurate.

2) First brain-controlled drone race has happened last week. While we already are used to various copters to freely fly all over the sky above us these days, 16 pilots at the indoor basketball court at the University of Florida have competed each other in something really novel. They have used nothing more than their willpower and, of course, brain-computer interfaces to control drones under their command.

3) 21th of April 2016, Elizabeth Parrish CEO of Bioviva has announced that she became the first human who was “successfully rejuvenated by gene therapy .” She claims to have reversed the telomere shortening the process which leads to breakdown of cell replication. The measurement using white blood cells has shown the telomere scores which have leaded to conclusion that she was successful in slowing down this cellular process.

4) Results of completely groundbreaking study that has been done on Chinese recoverable satellite SJ-10 were recently published. The study was focused on the development of mammalian embryos in space. Photos show that mouse embryos have completed the entire developing process. Previously it was unknown whether humans would ever be able to colonize the outer space as the most critical stage in human reproduction the early embryo development was a highly controversial topic

5) American biotechnological company “Bioquark” is planning to prove that brain death is reversible, and to develop revitalisation technologies of this important human organ. The main goal of the “ReAnima” project is to study the combined potential of recent advances in biotechnology to revive and reanimate human brain. Scientists will start clinical tests involving humans who were legally confirmed as dead in USA and Britain, but were kept in medical institutions with help of various medical instruments in state of “vegetative life”, unofficially called living dead.

6) A self propelled-aquatic mechanical snake designed for subsea inspection and repair work named Eelume was introduced last week at Norwegian University of Science and Technology and Kongsberg Maritime funded by Statoil a Norwegian oil and gas multinational corporation. The design uses movable chains for aquatic propulsion that terrifies those who see it with proximity to bionic form from which it has borrowed its resemblance. As psychologists are silent the engineers have already proven that this design is highly effective underwater.

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