lunedì 12 marzo 2018

The GdN's Brain Awareness Week 2018

Here is a summary of the whole activities organized by the Italian Inter-disciplinary, Inter-religion, and Inter-national, Research Group in Neurobioethics (The GdN) for the Brain Awareness Week 2018 that starts today! 

March 12th NEUROMED – Neuroseminar:NeuroBioEthics

Neuromed IRCCS organizes a seminar on neurobioethics in its installations of research and clinical excellence in Pozzilli (Isernia).

March 13th NEUROMED – Neurobiotech: Lab Excursion
Neuromed and the GdN organize a morning visit to the laboratories of the new research and innovation Caserta’s center NEUROBIOTECH. From CyberBrain to personalized medicine, from Virtual Reality simulators to the most sophisticated neuro-technology: a day to immerse yourself in the last frontiers of the brain revolution.

The Interdisciplinary Research Group in Neurobioethics (GdN) of the Pontifical University Regina Apostolorum of Rome, organizes, together with the S.I.S.P.I., this first event within the Brain Awareness Week of this year 2018. After a year of full-scale research on the hypothetical idea of the so-called ‘head transplant’ in human beings (HHT), this afternoon of conferences and debate will synthesize, from neurosurgery, through psychiatry and philosophy, to theology, this extreme frontier of neuroethics.

From tDCS to transcranial magnetic stimulation (TMS) in the treatment of neuropsychiatric disorders, up to the use of neurofeedback in practice and in clinical research, this event organized by Prof. Claudio Imperatori of the European University of Rome (UER) and moderated by psychiatrist Prof. Benedetto Farina, are going to introduce students and researchers to the state of art on the main techniques of neurostimulation between psychobiology and clinical-psychiatric applications.

The event includes a visit to the neuroscience laboratory of the European University of Rome (UER) with eye tracking and neurofeedback simulations.

This round-table gathers together philosophers in order to reflect and to deepen in the neuroethical understanding of the consequences of the so-called HHT, Human Head Transplant.

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