giovedì 12 luglio 2018

Human Enhancement Summer Course: today's movie Transcendence, a good neuro-film

Follow the Prezi presentation Transcendence - neuro-movie. Seth D. Baum in 2014’s Film Review: Transcendence in the Journal of Evolution and Technology, stated some questions: ‘Is it possible to create an artificial mind? Can a human or other biological mind be uploaded into computer hardware? Should these sorts of artificial intelligences be created, and under what circumstances? Would the AIs make the world better off? These and other deep but timely questions are raised by the recent film Transcendence’. The film raised some questions related to our real-world decision making about Artificial Intelligence, AI. 

Baum described the movie as such: ‘Transcendence centers around AI researchers Evelyn and Will Caster. Will is fatally shot by a member of an extremist group, Revolutionary Independence From Technology (RIFT), as part of several simultaneous attacks on AI researchers. Before Will dies, Evelyn uploads his mind into a computer system. She then connects Upload Will to the internet, setting off a chain of events in which Upload Will, with Evelyn’s assistance, takes a dominant position on Earth. (we can use the name “Upload Will” to distinguish the upload from the pre-upload biological Will.) Evelyn eventually becomes disaffected, and, with assistance from RIFT, the United States government, and some of Evelyn’s colleagues (a coalition of former enemies), persuades Upload Will to accept a computer virus designed to destroy him. Both die, and the rest of the world is forced to live on without an internet’.
Read Baum’s article here.

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